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Christo Mulder Attorneys Incorporated was founded in 2008 and for the past 10 years established itself as a law firm of choice. As a full-service law firm, with a strong focus on property matters, we have positioned ourselves as a once-stop legal service provider for private individuals, as well as corporate clients. Our practical knowledge and rich experience allow us to provide comprehensive legal solutions to our clients.

Since its founding, our firm has always believed in the highest level of integrity, a people-oriented approach, and giving back to society whenever possible. We continue to follow the principle of “client first” in providing reliable and highly effective legal services.

Why Choose Us

Christo Mulder was with the Registrar of Deeds from 1991 till February 2004 and held the position of Assistant Registrar of Deeds. Contributing and assisting towards the manual: How to train attorneys to become Conveyancers. As a law firm of attorneys with a passion to connect with our clients, we are able to give our clients that ‘personal touch’ experience that could be lost with larger legal firms. With us you are not just a number, but a valued client.

Christo Mulder Attorneys provide:

  • A personal touch in today’s fast paced world
  • Speedy service and turnaround relative to the market and given our client and service orientation
  • Qualified direct interaction with the principal partner
  • Expert advice from a highly experienced team
  • We close the sellers municipal account and obtain the refund for council (City of Johannesburg and Mogale City) when our firm attends to the transfer
  • We open the buyers’ municipal account (City of Johannesburg and Mogale City) when our firm attends to the transfer
  • We are willing to see our clients at their homes or place of business (in Gauteng) to sign transfer documents
  • We are willing to assist, prior to signing, an offer of purchase:
    • In obtaining a copy of title deeds
    • Perusal of contract
    • Drawing up a special power of attorney if you/or your co-owner are not available to sign original transfer documents
Buying or selling a home is a huge financial commitment and given our Property and Conveyancing legal expertise and our client orientation we endeavor to ensure service at the highest level. With a dedicated team we have the interests of our clients at heart and as such will ensure the highest level of legal advice and service.

In instances where a specialist is required given the nature of a niched legal requirement, Christo Mulder Attorneys Inc. partners with specialists to draw on in need to ensure the relevant legal advice and service is available to clients. Our integrity, client and service orientation are vital ingredients in retaining and growing our clientele.

Our Approach

With our ‘hands on’ approach we provide legal support of high quality, delivered by a team of specialists.

We place a strong emphasis on quality:

  • Quality of legal advice
  • Quality (including speed) of service
  • Quality in the ability and experience of our people

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