Christo Mulder Attorneys

Johanita Loots-Hulme


Johanita holds the position of senior conveyancing secretary and has been in the conveyancing field for 19 years. She has been with Christo Mulder Attorneys Inc. for 12 years and she attends to transfers in the firm, as well as various administration duties. Her conveyancing duties entail the drafting of the necessary documents for the transfer of a property, obtaining the required clearances from various municipalities, and interacting with the Deeds Registry to transfer ownership from sellers to purchasers.

Johanita strives to have the transfer process completed as smoothly as possible. Keeping clients happy is her main objective and she enjoys guiding them and updating them through every step of the process. In her free time, Johanita loves spending quality time with family and friends.

Areas of practice

Conveyancing/Bond Registration

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