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Can You Inherit from Someone You Have Merely Been Living With?

In South Africa, the number of couples who are permanently living together in life partnerships is increasing every year. What are the consequences that would ensue if either of the partners in the relationship dies without a will? Should a surviving partner in such a scenario have a claim for inheritance or maintenance from the […]

Expert Family Law Services: Divorce, Child Maintenance, and Spousal Support 

Facing the challenges of divorce, child maintenance, and spousal support can seem daunting, but there’s no need to go through it by yourself. The right expertise in these areas is crucial for securing outcomes that are fair and favourable to you. Specialised knowledge in family law is your key to receiving effective legal advice and […]

How to Proceed with Divorce When Your Spouse Cannot Be Found

Rule 44(1) of the Uniform Rules of Court states that documents requesting a divorce or marriage annulment must be personally delivered to the person it concerns unless the court allows a different service. But what if the sheriff can’t deliver the documents because the person has disappeared or moved abroad? This article will explain alternative […]

Navigating Antenuptial Agreements in South Africa: Your Questions Answered

Preparing for marriage in South Africa involves several critical decisions, one of which is the antenuptial agreement (AN). This legal document is vital for dictating the management of assets and finances within a marriage. To help you understand and effectively navigate antenuptial agreements, we’ve compiled answers to some commonly asked questions. Frequently asked questions about […]

The difficulty of choosing a guardian

No parent wants to think about giving their child over to someone else. The idea itself is enough to send many into full Liam Neeson Taken mode, refusing even the idea of their child being taken away from them to find a hold in their minds. But what is it’s not your child that is […]

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