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Wills & Testaments

Wills & Testaments

Having a valid and updated Will is one of the most important and often neglected documents you as a client requires. Let Christo Mulder Attorneys Inc. know what and who is important to you and we can assist in looking out for your loved ones when you no longer can. Considered advice and a well-planned estate, together with a clear and well drafted last will and testament, can result in significant benefits and savings.

Ask yourself:

  • Do I have a valid Will?
  • Has my Will been updated recently?
  • Does my Will reflect my last wishes?
  • Will my estate be devolved efficiently, cost-effectively and without delay?

You need the help of a qualified professional to draft or update a validly executed Will

Contact us for:

  • Ensuring that your estates planning is done rigorously
  • Ensuring that your final wishes are complied with and estate duty is minimised.
  • The formation of a testamentary trust to ensure that assets left to minor beneficiaries are well managed
  • The role and power of trustees
  • Guidance regarding implications of insolvency of your chosen beneficiaries
  • The appointment of a guardian for your minor children
  • The appointment of an executor
  • The establishing an inter vivos trust
  • Preparation, advice and execution of your Will
  • Drafting or updating of your Will (or that of your children if they are over 18)
  • Interpretation of a Will
  • Assistance in the challenging or opposing the validity of a Will

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