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Why a Notary? – Part 1

Clients often ask why certain documentation must be authenticated or certified by a Notary and not by a Commissioner of Oaths. To answer this question, one must know and understand the role and functions of a Notary, also commonly known as a Notary public. A Notary is a public functionary authorised by the High Court […]

Estate Planning: Preparing for the Digital Afterlife

The emergence of digital ghosts on social media Social media platforms have become integral to our daily lives, but what happens to these digital profiles when a user passes away? Research by Carl J. Öhman, a doctoral candidate at the Oxford Internet Institute, sheds light on this evolving issue. Öhman’s study, titled “Are the Dead […]

How the Two Pot Retirement System Impacts Expats

How the two-pot retirement system impacts expats. The much-anticipated two-pot retirement system, introduced as a ‘knight in shining armour’ for South Africans, has received a new implementation date of March 2024. Expats are cautioned to pay attention to the effects that this will have on the encashment of their retirement savings. While many have addressed […]

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